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Allergy Skin Testing

Dr. Mardiney and his team perform a variety of allergy skin tests. We perform patch skin testing, chemical skin testing and seasonal allergy testing as well as food, drug and insect allergy testing. Skin tests give fast results. They usually cost less than blood tests. Some medicines interfere with these tests, and allergy tests should always be performed by someone with lots of training.

Blood tests involve a single needle-stick and medicine does not interfere with test results. However, it takes a long time to obtain results and there can be false positives. Blood tests are more expensive than skin tests. There are many types of allergy blood tests and some are more helpful than others. Test results alone cannot diagnose allergies. Dr. Mardiney will interpret all test results together with your medical history.

He uses two types of skin tests. During the first type, he places a drop of the suspected allergen on the pricked surface of the skin on either the forearm or back. He tests for many suspected allergens at the same time. If you are allergic to one of the allergens, the test spot will develop redness and swelling. Dr. Mardiney might also recommend the second type of test. He injects a small amount of the suspected allergen into the skin of the arm or forearm, testing for several suspected allergens at the same time.

How long do skin test results take?

For both types of skin tests, positive reactions typically appear within 20 minutes, although redness and swelling can sometimes occur several hours after testing. This delayed reaction usually disappears within 48 hours, but you should report it to the allergy doctor or nurse.

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Allergy Blood Tests

In some cases, due to medications, a disease, immune disorder, intolerance to needles, or the chance of an extreme reaction, a skin test is inadvisable. For these individuals, a blood test to detect antibodies to specific allergens is the safest way to determine the existence of an allergy. Besides effectively detecting a range of environmental allergies and food allergies, blood samples can also yield information on how well treatment is working and whether a person has outgrown an allergy.

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Allergy Patch Tests

A patch test is performed by exposing the skin on your back to a test substance and then checking the area at regular intervals for a reaction, known as allergic contact dermatitis or allergic eczema. Patch testing does not involve needles or blood tests and is often used to detect hypersensitivity reactions to allergens contacting the skin. Once the patches are applied and left in place and undisturbed for 48 hours, they are then removed, and the skin periodically assessed over a prescribed number of days.

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Pulmonary Function Testing

The diagnosis, management, and treatment of respiratory conditions typically require an assessment of how well a person's lungs are functioning. To help determine how effectively air is moving in and out of your lungs and how efficiently oxygen is entering your bloodstream, we perform tests known as pulmonary function tests or PFTs. These valuable, non-invasive tests also help us make a diagnosis, determine the severity of your condition, evaluate its progression, and see how well the treatment to improve pulmonary function is working.

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