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Although many respiratory conditions, infections, or a smoking habit can produce coughing, in some cases, a chronic, dry cough is related to an allergy or asthma.

What does coughing do?

Coughing is part of the body’s defense against disease. It pushes out bacteria, mucus, and foreign particles from the respiratory tract to protect the lungs from irritation and infection.

Why allergies and asthma may cause a cough

Common allergies like hay fever and sensitivity to dust, pet dander, pollen, mold, and other allergens can lead to inflamed and irritated airways, causing a non-productive, dry, and chronic cough. Also, nasal congestion, which may accompany some allergies, can lead to a postnasal drip that interferes with breathing and causes coughing.

In cases of asthma, one of the signs of airway constriction is frequent coughing. In addition to exposure to specific allergens, exercise and laughing can trigger coughing, often accompanied by wheezing. As asthma inflames and constricts the breathing passages, it can also make them more sensitive to allergens and irritants. The coughing associated with asthma is frequently worse at night.

Diagnosis and treatment

In addition to reviewing a patient’s medical history, what symptoms they are experiencing, and when they occur, our professional team will perform a clinical exam and diagnostic testing for allergies as indicated.

Prevention to eliminate or minimize exposure to triggers and allergy and asthma medications as indicated represent the most effective course in care.

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